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The Future Women podcast is hosted by Jamila Rizvi. We’re on a mission to make you better at work. Each week you’ll meet inspiring guests, discover more about gender equity, hear real-life stories of working women and learn clever, practical tips to help you get ahead. We’ll get you laughing and keep you thinking all at the same time.

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Future Women with Jamila Rizvi airs July 23. Subscribe to our channel on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast App or listen below. New episodes released Mondays, 6am AEST.

An Introduction

Future Women: Welcome to the club

Join our editor-at-large Jamila Rizvi as she goes behind the scenes of Future Women’s launch, speaking to Annabel Crabb, Marina Go and Tracey Spicer about how it got off the ground just as #MeToo was breaking around the globe.


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Episode One

“Step aside please, Andrew”

There are more men called Andrew running Australia’s top 200 companies than there are women. Is it going to take more than good intentions to smash through that glass ceiling once and for all? Jamila talks quotas, targets, and KPIs.

Episode Two

“We need to talk about cupcakes”

Question: How many blokes does it take to organise a birthday cake and card for a beloved colleague? Answer: None. Jamila talks office housework, emotional labour and why it might be time for you to retire.