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"Women's leadership is transformational."

—Julie Bishop, Former Deputer Leader

Future Women Announces Platinum+

Future Women has launched a leadership program for medium sized companies who want to turn words into action. Ample research has shown, businesses with diverse teams produce greater profitability. But many organisations have struggled to find the right program or failed to deliver on their objectives. Platinum+ is a 12-month program offering to help train and develop future female leaders. It offers multiple touch points including weekly newsletters, networking events, VIP dinners, leadership workshops and a two-day executive conference.

Future Women has partnered with experienced executive training business, CareerCEO and it comes accredited with 10 CPD points by the Financial Planning Association of Australia. CareerCEO boss Andrea Clarke said she believed the Australian market has struggled to find a dynamic environment to promote and build mid-tier female talent. “I joined Future Women when it launched last year because I was excited to see a quality brand targeted at smart professional women who rightfully expect on leadership roles. What we do is offer workshops to train members on speaking with authority, managing nerves, vocal quality and in how to deliver a 3-minute report on camera. This gives them the confidence to speak up and understand how body language works in professional environments. And our results are proven through the number of women being promoted.” CareerCEO has worked with a number of major brands including Orora, Telstra, ANZ, NBN, Cbus, Carnival, Thales, Cisco, ABB Engineering and NAWO (National Association of Women in Operations).

Future Women launched as a membership for professional women interested in enhancing their network and has held sold-out events across Australia. It recently announced individual Red memberships starting at $1 a week. But the corporate training packages provide a sophisticated, engaging program pitched at medium to big businesses with a minimum of 30 staff to enter the program. It builds on FW’s reputation for high calibre speakers and thought leadership. Platinum+ follows the launch of the Future Women Academy which is targeted exclusively at HR professionals to help develop a culture of diversity and inclusion including amongst ethnic minorities, people with disabilities and the LGBTI community.

Future Women founder Helen McCabe said the aim was to develop the program with each client and provide six monthly reports on the progress and engagement. “Aside from helping to build a ‘team’ it will enhance their networks as well. This will bring fresh ideas into the business and help CEO’s retain their key talent,” she said. Future Women, a band with extensive media experience will also help companies who sign up to Platinum+ tell their diversity story by highlighting the work of key female executives. However, there are only offering a limited number of Platinum+ memberships to guarantee a quality experience.

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Future Women Academy is the premier diversity consulting platform in Australia, offering a unique combination of expertise and firepower through the partnership between Nine’s Future Women and leading consulting firm, Diversity Partners.