Members On Their Way

Members On Their Way: Sarah Fritz

Meet the not-for-profit founder who is working towards true-self leadership and learning new skills.

By Natalie Cornish

Members On Their Way

Meet the not-for-profit founder who is working towards true-self leadership and learning new skills.

By Natalie Cornish

Sarah Fritz is an Aries-sun and Pisces-moon, coconut-latte-loving millennial from Melbourne. She studied fashion and textiles at RMIT University, before honing her branding skills working on campaigns for Marie Claire and ELLE. She is Strategy Director of St Dakota, her creative agency, and is now spearheading her peer-to-peer anti-bullying initiative Yes Queen. Here, she talks astrology, kindness, running a not-for-profit and Future Women.

Magic human and beauty maven Phoebe Simmonds recommended I join Future Women. I have been truly inspired by the strong, spirited and smart community. The ‘Short/Cuts’ newsletter has exposed me to new content, new people and new platforms that align to me, my mission and my goals.

Since joining, I have worked with above-mentioned unicorn Phoebe Simmonds, Founder of The BLOW on an ‘At Home’ video series to help her community during COVID-19 isolation. I shared my thoughts on kindness and wellness and how to adjust to this new world with grace and grit. During April, Yes Queen is releasing a ‘Transformation Tools: Online Home Ritual Series’ to ensure our community has access to wellbeing during this period. It will include a DJ session for a self-expression dance class, a collective energy reading, guided meditation and home healing practices.

The list is overflowing, but my key focus is securing commercial partners who are looking to support and advocate our social impact enterprise. Along with government grants, YQ events in 2020 and public speaking opportunities that will help further our reach, awareness and impact.

It took me a long time to acknowledge people and culture as a passion and gift – which I turned into my life purpose, manifested in the Yes Queen project. When I’m not at my laptop, I like to attend a diverse range of conscious events, workshops and spaces that open my heart and mind. I am very passionate about self-development and self-care, and see these as critical to my personal and professional evolution.

Image credit: Instagram @theyesqueen

I am reading  Revolution From Within by Gloria Steinem and a Moon Planting Guide for 2020. With more time and a desire to be more self sufficient we are planting more vegetables and herbs on our property. I’ve learnt how seeds, fruit, flowers, plants and roots are influenced by the moon, sun, planets, stars and constellations. For a much needed escape I am listening to Alison Rice’s Offline, The Vital Veda and Tara Brach podcasts.

“I live in cosmic abundance” is my daily personal mantra. It has a close relationship to the law of karma. The only way I can live in abundance is by being heart-centred, loving, supportive and generous to others – living by this virtue with good intention and integrity has opened portals beyond my wildest dreams.

The woman who made my existence a reality; my mother, Paula Morson, is a truly exceptional human. She is unfailingly passionate, driven and resilient. She leads with love, advocates wellness and taught me to stand up for what I believe in – and has stood by me every step of the way. My mother is the epitome of Yes Queen and our values. If you meet her you will feel an earth angel energy you cannot forget. She just ran her fourth marathon in Chicago #nextlevel.

As a two-year-old founder and six month old CEO of a not-for-profit, I have a lot to learn. Right now my focus is on true-self leadership, fundraising and commercial acumen.

My driving force is love.

Outside of work I love to bush doof.

The future for women is oneness.

We can lift each other up when we leave our ladders down.

I’m most fulfilled when surrounded by my tribe.

Self-care means a daily wellness ritual – no matter how big or small.