Members On Their Way

Members On Their Way: Georgina Wind

Meet Telstra's Chief Compliance Officer who values moments of reflection and always staying curious.

By Natalie Cornish

Members On Their Way

Meet Telstra's Chief Compliance Officer who values moments of reflection and always staying curious.

By Natalie Cornish

Georgina Wind grew up on Woodford Island in Northern NSW, very close to the popular holiday destination of Yamba. She discovered her two true passions at an early age: making a difference to those around her and playing golf – and packed both when she upped sticks and moved to Melbourne. Here, Georgina tells Future Women about landing a major role at Telstra at an exciting juncture for business, the weekly email that gives her clarity and why it’s so important to stay curious.

I was looking to join a club that has a clear purpose when I discovered Future Women. It’s founded on strong values, is future focused, and would enable me to tap into amazing women to inspire me daily. I feel so connected to the Future Women tribe already – thanks to the welcoming team and amazing events I’ve attended.

I have been inspired by the women that I’ve met, and the amazing stories and content that has been shared by Future Women’s writers each week. The diversity of the topics we explore is what ignites my curiosity – and celebrating Australian women from all walks of life is something that we just don’t see elsewhere. I love [Future Women editor] Emily Brooks’ Friday Note to Self, as this is when I love to pause and reflect on what I have achieved.

I joined Telstra as the Chief Compliance Officer in July. I have a broad set of responsibilities, an amazing team and lots of big things on the horizon. I am incredibly grateful to be a leader at time where corporate performance is being measured by ‘how’ we do business, and our customers and other important stakeholders are challenging us to demonstrate we are making responsible, long-term, sustainable decisions.

So many things light me up. I love to get outside on weekends, whether it is a walk around the parks or streets of Melbourne, or something that challenges my fitness like a run, bike ride, or strength training.

My true love is golf, and when I have time to play, I feel satisfied regardless of the result. It is a joy being out amongst the trees and navigating a golf course is like an adventure as no two games are the same.

I am reading Beyond Performance by Scott Keller, The Book of Beautiful Questions by Warren Berger, and eagerly anticipating Margaret Atwood’s latest novel: The Testaments.

I’m listening to the Future Women podcast, Next Generation Innovators with Sylvia Jeffreys. I also love the Harvard Business Review.

The motto I live by is: ‘It’s only by being curious that we learn, by being persistent that we get better, and being open to change that we evolve and absorb those lessons’.

The most remarkable woman I’ve met is Amanda Blesing. She is a phenomenal mentor and coach and is so passionate about what she does, it beams out of her. She inspires anyone who crosses her path. We met five years ago when I moved to Melbourne, and she challenged me to set big goals which I thought were outrageous at the time. But, instead of being paralysed by fear, I dove in, challenged myself, and I am forever grateful for her ability to spark this desire.

I have always wanted to learn how to sing in tune.

My driving force is making sure everyone has an opportunity to participate, to have their voice heard and to feel valued. I am driven to inspire a culture of people who treat each other with respect, hold each other accountable and strive to do the right thing.

Outside of work I love to travel and explore Mother Nature’s mountains, lakes and beaches. Or, if it is an inside day, I love to marvel at the creative works at the National Gallery Victoria, catch up with friends and family, and sip a nice long black coffee somewhere in-between.

The future for women is bright and full of opportunity, but it is all about choices. Our actions define the life we lead, the difference we make, and the people we share it with. If you have a dream, this alone won’t change your life but your daily decisions and trade-offs within them will.

We can lift each other up when we are honest with ourselves and the people we care about. I’ve noticed a shift all around me – we are getting brave, sharing stories, and being more vulnerable about so many things. This in-turn is bringing us all closer together.

I’m most fulfilled when I am making a positive difference to those around me. I get a buzz from seeing things get better.

Self-care means being mindful of what makes you feel like the-good-version-of-you, and including a good dose of those things in your day on a regular basis.