10 Female Designers Share Their Favourite Spaces

These handpicked interiors have both style and substance. Like the women behind them.

By Danielle Pinkus


These handpicked interiors have both style and substance. Like the women behind them.

By Danielle Pinkus

There’s an incredible array of talented interior designers and architects in Australia who contribute to our unique urban landscape. Some of the best in the game are women.

For your design inspiration, 10 designers have shared with Future Women their favourite projects from recently completely projects below.

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 Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke: Villa Amor

“This living area at Villa Amor beautifully encapsulates everything we strive for, as it combines the seemingly light touch renovation which included new flooring and fireplace, with the furnishing and art selection to create a home that feels authentically relaxed and elegant. The space was conceived predominately for the private enjoyment of the owners, professionals who travel a great deal for work, and who have come to fully understand the wonderful sanctuary their home now provides.” – Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke of Arent&Pyke.

Photo by Anson Smart


Dimity-Jane Chitty: The Old Dairy

“This space was originally an old dairy with a contemporary extension.  This detail of the living room, in the original part of the house, is one of our favourite images — incorporating the client’s painting on grass cloth covered walls, with a rich velvet sofa, quirky objects and a play of texture on the floor.” – Dimity-Jane Chitty, lead designer and project manager at Hare+Klein

Photo by Maree Homer



Emma Rees-Raaijmakers and Suzanne Green: Woollahra Project

“We love this room as it embodies everything that we strive to achieve when transforming interiors of grand old homes. This room was all about the attention to the detail that forms the backdrop to reinstating or reimagining period features in a contemporary manner. Knowing when to keep the palette restrained and allowing the spaces to sing.” – Emma Rees-Raaijmakers and Suzanne Green, directors of Arque in collaboration with Luigi Rosselli Architects.

Photo by Tom Ferguson



Richards and Spence Architects

Ingrid Richards: Calile Hotel

“We commenced the design of the Calile Hotel with the intention of creating an identity that was distinctly Brisbane. Ironically, sitting at Hellenika overlooking the swimming pool makes you feel like you could be anywhere but. The Calile is a civil antidote to a heatwave.” – Ingrid Richards, co-founder of Richards and Spence Architects

Photo by Sean Fennessy

Richards Stanisich

Kirsten Stanisich: Young and Loftus apartments

“This is an image of the kitchen for the interior of the Loftus Lane Apartments at Circular Quay. It is one of my favourite spaces as it a combines my ideas about the texture and mood of an interior, its relationship to a building’s architecture as well as connecting it to place. (In this instance, we selected spotted gum which is indigenous to NSW). It can be incredibly difficult to achieve this depth of design within the commercial parameters of a multi-unit project.” – Kirsten Stanisich, director at Richards Stanisich

Photo by Felix Forest

SJB Interiors

Ljiljana Gazevic: White House

“Quiet, calming and restorative. The simple touch given to this renovation project delivers a home that is serene and tranquil allowing its owners to revive and recharge away from busy professional careers. A minimalist approach enjoyed throughout creating a home that is unpretentious yet adorned with functional quality. A seamless transition to the outdoors creates a strong connection to the garden.” – Ljiljana Gazevic, director at SJB Interiors

Photo by Nicole England


Megan Hounslow: Willow Urban Retreat

“A city retreat to seek respite, connection and knowledge transcend one from the chaos of city stressors. The design process for the project was driven by embracing the very essence of design principles and creating space to sooth the senses. Materials are kept to a minimum for simplicity, purity and restraint – to unclutter the mind and distill the luxury of time.” – Megan Hounslow, lead interior design and director of Meme.