Jamila Rizvi Reveals Her First Post-Surgery Smile

Future Women's editor-at-large rocks her first craniotomy selfie.

By Kate Neroni


Future Women's editor-at-large rocks her first craniotomy selfie.

By Kate Neroni

Jamila Rizvi has posted a smiling post-surgery selfie after undergoing a second operation to remove a brain tumour.

The 32-year-old editor-at-large of Future Women underwent the craniotomy on Saturday but says she is hoping to go home tomorrow.

It is the second time in twelve months she has undergone brain surgery after she was first diagnosed in December.

But last month doctors confirmed the tumour had returned.

She made her battle public on Tuesday after doctors confirmed the latest surgery was successful.

In her most recent post, Jamila joked she regrettably and unintentionally resembled embattled Liberal Peter Dutton revealing a large bandage above one eye.

Followers responded saying, “If only Dutton looked that good!”.

She has had an outpouring of support on social media from a range of high profile friends including TV star and founder of Beanies for Brain Cancer Carrie Bickmore.

The former political advisor to both the Rudd and Gillard governments has had a meteoric career making the successful transition from politics to the media.

She joined Future Women in June and has been the host of a successful careers podcast, Future Women with Jamila Rizvi.

The podcast was recorded prior to her surgery and covers a range of common challenges for women in the workforce.

Future Women founding director Helen McCabe said today the post was a good sign.

“To see her making jokes is a good sign. But her strength throughout the whole thing has truly been an inspiration to us.”