9 Things FW Is Loving Right Now

From lush chairs to the exhibition of the moment, here's what we're loving right now.

By Angela Ledgerwood


From lush chairs to the exhibition of the moment, here's what we're loving right now.

By Angela Ledgerwood

In the FW office we’re celebrating the little things that bring us joy, like a podcast making us chuckle on our morning commute or an art exhibition perfect for a thought-provoking Sunday afternoon. In other words, what we talk about on Monday morning when we’re making our tea in the staff kitchen. Here, we’ve gathered what we’re loving right now. Get ready to find your new favourite thing.

Helen McCabe, Founding Director

Ruche Armchair By Domo Furniture

“This stunning velvet statement chair was provided for our event featuring journalist Hedley Thomas. It was perfect for a 6’4 man to sit stylishly whilst telling his incredible story of the global success of The Teachers Pet Podcast.”

Ruche Armchair By Domo Furniture

Emily Brooks, Editor

"The President and The Publisher" by The Daily

“The Daily makes my morning, every morning, but this episode in particular is fascinating. If you’ve ever wanted to sit in the Oval Office as President Trump has a meeting, well, now you pretty much can. He meets with the publisher of The New York Times as they discuss ‘fake news’ and the impact of his attacks on the press. You get to listen in and hear a completely different side of Trump.”

The Daily, iTunes, Free

Patti Andrews, Creative Director

Hot Mess Mums Committee Tee

“I’m a little late to the slogan tee trend but here I am. This sums up my ‘juggle’ perfectly. Lost lunch boxes, forgotten show and tells, unbrushed hair but always love and a ‘flower for mama’ along the way.”

Hot Mess Committee Mums Tee, My Messy Room, $40.00

Angela Ledgerwood, Contributing Writer

Love Stories Podcast by Dolly Alderton

“I haven’t had a girl crush this epic on a long time. Dolly Alderton’s podcast is like the Desert Island Discs of love. Each week she interviews a new guest about their love life but it’s not all about romantic love. Guests reveal the relationships that have shaped who they are, the careers and passions that have NOT loved them back, as well as romantic loves won and lost. I suggest starting with the episode with Emma Freud, then moving to Afua Hirsch, Marian Keyes and Stanley Tucci.”

Love Stories, iTunes, free

Jamila Rizvi, Editor-at-Large

Obus Clothing

“I’ve been recommended Obus Clothing for such a long time and finally bothered to get my shop on. I’m a bit in love with their prints and fit. Definitely worth checking out before this summer weather departs.”

Obus Clothing

Danielle Pinkus, Content Director

Until By Nick Cave

“I’m trying to go to more exhibitions and free cultural activities around Sydney on the weekends. Nick Cave’s immersive installation Until is exhibiting at Carriageworks (for free) until March 3. It really is a gasp-inducing, mesmerising work. In it he addresses issues of gun violence, gun control policy, race relations, and gender politics in America and its resonance across the world.”

Until at Carriageworks

Becky Hanson, Community Director

Those Ocean Pools of Ours

“It took multiple 35+ degree days to tempt me to the beach, but once I arrived, I was kicking myself for the delay. New South Wales is fortunate enough to have the most ocean pools in Australia and starting from Maroubra, I’m working my way along the coastline. I don’t enjoy swimming in rough surf, so the ocean pools are perfect.”

Sydney Outdoor Pools

Sophie Hunter, Designer


“Recently, my friend mentioned how incredible dried figs are. I’ve never really tried these delicious morsels of chewy sweetness. Now my cup of tea looks lonely if I don’t have some with it. Plus I’ve discovered they go especially well with a piece of dark chocolate. Win – win! And fresh figs are in season right now, so I’ve been getting into those also.”

Macro Turkish Dried Figs, $10.99

Ali McNamee, Business Development Manager


“This is a podcast I’m loving at the moment, from two women who have created an cult-following. Shameless is “a podcast for smart women who like dumb stuff” by two young Melbourne journalists. They discuss pop culture as well as social/political affairs, plus the odd celery juice trend.”

Shameless, iTunes, free