8 Things FW Is Loving Right Now

We know you love a good recommendation, so each week we're bringing you our favourite things - be that must-reads, TV shows, tools or products.

By Lara Robertson


We know you love a good recommendation, so each week we're bringing you our favourite things - be that must-reads, TV shows, tools or products.

By Lara Robertson

From an essay written by one of America’s most celebrated writers to stress-relieving slime videos, the FW team reveal what they’re loving this week. Get ready to find your new favourite thing.

Helen McCabe, Founding Director

Dark Chocolate Liquorice Bullets From Haigh’s

“The Haigh’s frogs are great – I like the ones sold loose in the giant glass jar that you have to fish out and put into a small paper bag. BUT this week I am obsessed with their dark chocolate bullets. They are not too sweet and the soft chocolate and firm texture inside makes them fun to bite into. Yum… Yep, don’t ever let me buy them again.”

Jamila Rizvi, Editor-at-large

Boys Will Be Boys By Clementine Ford

“I nabbed myself a sneaky pre-release copy of Clem Ford’s new book, Boys will be Boys. In it she explores the stereotypes and rigid expectations that we lace on boys as they’re growing up and shows how damaging this can be. She poignantly points out that every parent of a girl is worried they might grow up to be abused one day, but few parents of boys are worried their son’s may become abusers. It’s a gritty, maddening and eye-opening read.”

Emily Brooks, Editor

'Self-Respect: Its Source, Its Power' By Joan Didion

“After Helen recommended Joan Didion’s Netflix documentary, The Center Will Not Hold, last week I watched it and immediately wanted to buy The Year of Magical Thinking. While waiting for that to arrive, I’ve devoured Didion’s seminal essay for Vogue called ‘Self-respect: its Source, its Power’ which was first published in 1961. Didion wrote it as the mag was going to press to fill a space left after another writer failed to produce a piece on the same topic. Didion said Hemingway was a huge influence and you can really see it here. When I grow up, I hope to have a little bit of Joan.”

Patti Andrews, Creative Director

Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Ridiiic

“This product was given to me by my old work wife/Beauty Ed. It’s ideal for a lazy beauty day. I put it on both my lips and cheeks for werk werk werk. The diversity factor of Fenty Beauty in general is a huge plus.”

Kate Neroni, Chief of Operations

Stress-Relieving Videos Of Slime And Soap-Cutting

“Off the back of a stressful week with exams I found myself in a 1am Instagram loophole watching videos of people cutting soap and playing with slime. Trust me on this one, it’s not as weird as it sounds. It’s actually the sound that relieves stress and helps reduce anxiety. It’s oddly satisfying. Just Google ASMR and you’ll see what I mean.”


Becky Hansen, Community Manager

Sydney Fringe Festival 2018

“Spring is finally here and so is the Sydney Fringe Festival! A great excuse to shake up your midweek routine and enjoy some quality performances. I love improv and it’s always a treat to watch a group of people create an hour long show on the spot using only suggestions from random audience members. My pick for the Fringe is Sydney group Unplanned Melodies who stage spontaneous musicals.”

Sophie Hunter, Designer

Celery Juice

“A while ago, I heard how incredible 100 per cent celery juice can be for our bodies and now it’s the first thing I have every morning. Think less inflammation and bloating, alkalising, hyrdrating, clearer skin, energy providing and so much more! Google it. Make it. And feel the benefits! Slurrrp.”

Danielle Pinkus, Content Director


“I’m obsessed with Pinterest. My partner and I are very green renovators, so we’re finding it’s far easier to pin a picture than do a terrible job at explaining our ideas to one another.”