7 Ways to Better Yourself In August

From conscious consumerism to keeping healthy

By Danielle Pinkus


From conscious consumerism to keeping healthy

By Danielle Pinkus

From international competitions with $100K prize money to conscious fashion apps and sneakers made from recycled plastic bottles, here are seven ways to better yourself in August.

Apply Now

DO: Enter the Cartier Awards

Calling all female-led startups and entrepreneurs. Applications for the 2019 Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards are open until August 31. The award is open to women who hold main leadership positions or own a significant stake in a company.

Seven laureates will be selected from 21 finalists representing the top three projects from seven regions including Australia.  First prize honourees receive US$100,000 (AUD $135,030) and one-to-one business mentoring. Coming up short in this award isn’t such a bad option with runners up receiving USD $30,000 (AUD $40,552).

The time to apply is now.




Try: Biodegradable Matcha Tea

Sipp is an environmentally conscious coffee and tea company committed to reducing humans’ global impact on the planet with 100 per cent home compostable packaging.  Made from a mixture of plant based materials, predominately from the Eucalyptus Tree, all Sipp packaging biodegrades to its natural components within 26 weeks. And for every tree used, another is planted in its place. Aside from their feel-good credibility, Sipp’s all-vegan and no added sugar products also taste delicious.

Wise Up

Brush Up: On The Manafort Case

The trial of US President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort began last week. Manafort faces 18 charges, including financial fraud, from his time working as a political consultant in Ukraine.

If you’re not already tuned in to the details of this case, including the infamous (and underwhelming) ostrich jacket brought in for evidence last week, start with The Daily podcast by the NYTimes. Follow it up with this Quartzy article on Manafort’s US$1.3 million worth of questionable fashion choices.

Pottery For The Planet

Swap Out: Your Takeaway Coffee Cups

ABC’s War On Waste is back Tuesdays at 8.30pm. You can do your bit by changing your habits around single use coffee cups. There’s an abundance of cool Keep Cups on the market, but it’s hard to beat Pottery For The Planet’s handmade ceramic creations.

Touch Your Tits

Watch: Mona Chalabi's latest collaboration

British data journalist and illustrator Mona Chalabi and filmmaker Mae Ryan, the Emmy-nominated team behind the Vagina Dispatches, have released their latest collaboration and it’s wonderful. Focused on drawing awareness to regular breast self-exams, their playful “how to” short film, Touch Your Tits, was created to help women feel in control of their bodies, not afraid of them. Chalabi and Ryan enlisted co-composers Emmy The Great and Dani Markham for the film’s backing music.

Photography Ashley Batz. Mona and Emma-Lee wear Wolcott Takemoto

Good On You

Shop: With Your Values

Conscious consumers are increasingly wanting to be informed on their garments’ manufacturing process and materials. Good On You’s app helps you make these ethical fashion choices. Search for brand’s sustainability and ethical ratings and discover sellers that align with your values.



Treat: Yourself And The Planet

French brand Veja footwear uses sustainable, ecological and fair-trade practices to produce its environmentally-friendly sneakers. The V-12 B-Mesh Sneaker is a low-top design that has been made using recycled plastic bottles — a process which creates the breathable and waterproof mesh upper. Don’t walk, run.