6 Things FW Is Loving Right Now

From a perfume that smells like a Japanese forest to the best Instagram account ever, here's what we're loving right now.

By Lara Robertson


From a perfume that smells like a Japanese forest to the best Instagram account ever, here's what we're loving right now.

By Lara Robertson

In the FW office we’re celebrating the little things that bring us joy, like the perfect pair of tummy sucking leggings or a hilarious Instagram account featuring the world’s tiniest chef. In other words, what we talk about on Monday morning when we’re making our tea in the staff kitchen. Here, we’ve gathered what we’re loving right now. Get ready to find your new favourite thing.

Emily Brooks, Editor

Aesop Hwyl Eau de Parfum

“My Tom Ford Black Orchid ran out last week which meant a trip to Aesop to purchase a new favourite. I’ve been eyeing it off for months. Now I smell like a Japanese forest and couldn’t be happier about it.”

Hwyl Eau de Parfum, Aesop, $140

Jamila Rizvi, Editor-At-Large

Nimble Activewear

“I live in active wear. Occasionally because I am active but mostly because I work flexibly and struggle with complex decisions like what to wear. Nimble leggings are my new favourites: happy prints, comfortable fit and the all-important tummy sucking waist band.”

Star & Floral High Rise Long Legging, Nimble Activewear, $99

Kate Neroni, Chief Of Operations

S-Kin Studio Jewellery

“I’ve been loving my Chrissy Medallion hoops and Jules Medallion necklace from S-Kin Studio, a small female-owned jewellery business based out of Melbourne. I haven’t taken them off all summer and the best part is I don’t have to. They’re gold filled instead of gold plated, a material that’s more durable and tarnish resistant but doesn’t have the price tag of solid gold, an affordable medium. It means I can leave them on in-between ocean swims, sweaty F45 workouts and showers without having to worry about them losing their shine or my skin turning green.”

Chrissy Medallion Hoops, S-Kin, $59

Jules Medallion Necklace, S-Kin, $79

Patti Andrews, Creative Director

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless Headphones

“I’m not sure if any of you have heard of podcasts… but I am listening to my first one during my commute. These headphones mean that the sound is incredible but also there are no wires to get caught up in the Opal card scramble.”

MOMENTUM Wireless Headphones, Sennheiser, $699.95

Becky Hansen, Community Manager

Remedy Kombucha

Remedy Kombucha started on Sarah and Emmet Condon’s kitchen bench in their home in Melbourne. Fast forward a few years, it’s the leading kombucha brand in Australia. I love Remedy because of it’s super low sugar content. Swap to kombucha and you’ll never want to drink soft drinks again. It’s my beverage of choice if I’m BBQ’ing with friends and is also a delicious mixer for a sneaky gin. If you’re new to kombucha, start with the original or Apple Crisp flavour.”



Angela Ledgerwood, Senior Writer

The Tiny Chef Show

“Whenever I’m feeling a little low or want a pick-me-up I go straight to the Tiny Chef on Instagram @thetinychefshow. He is the most adorable and comforting little fellow and so is his mini Kiwi side kick. The Tiny Chef enjoys watching Golden Girls reruns in bed, he’s an avid vision boarder, and he likes to sing along to Lorde’s Royals while he cooks. What is not to love?”