10 On-The-Go Perfume Oils

These long-lasting scents mean business

By Danielle Pinkus


These long-lasting scents mean business

By Danielle Pinkus

Finding a long-lasting fragrance to take you from 9am office whips to after hours martinis with clients is arguably as important as choosing your scent. Although spritzing an EDT or parfum is a popular choice, for the most part, they tend to fade away by mid-morning then overwhelm your co-workers when it’s time to reapply.

The answer is a perfume oil. Neatly compact and thicker consistency than a spray (meaning it lasts longer), perfume oils are ideal when you’re on-the-go.


Deep And Woody

White Oudh features deep, woody notes of agarwood and frankincense which are used in traditional rituals. These oils are combined with the bright, citrus-floral Neroli, creating a blend which is  soulful and soothing.


Quiet Resistance

Inspired by the resilient Mojave ghost flower, this full-bodied perfume oil is your inner hippie’s quiet resistance scent when you’re stuck in a stressful meeting.

Red Flower

Au Naturale

Red Flower’s synthetic-free fragrance uses flower distillations, dark-tree resins, essential oils and certified organic plants to produce their  incredible scents. Created to interact with your body’s natural oils, the same scent smells completely different person-to-person. These special fragrances are packaged in crystal-cut glass vintage bottles and stoppers made in France.



PRJ V1 is Lurk’s take on the white flower fragrance. This sultry Jasmine-based perfume enjoys a cult-like following from men and women alike.


High Notes

A synthesis of the cannabis plant, fig and citrus, with spicy sandalwood and patchouli, this intense burst of fragrance is designed to linger. It’s also compact enough to pop into your blazer pocket and reapply between meetings.

Maison Louis Marie


Belgium perfume and skincare creator Marie du Petit Thouars continues the tradition of her family’s botanical heritage dating back to the late 1700s with Maison Louis Marie. Inspired by a nursery in Belgium that was founded by her grandfather in 1979, L’Etang Noir has top notes of tobacco flower enhanced by a rich spice blend of vanilla, anise, nutmeg, ginger and clove.



This cult-favourite perfume oil is lauded for its ability to develop differently on everyone. It’s the perfect handbag accessory for on-the-go application and top ups. Top notes of tropical gardenia and white flowers, make for a clean, feminine scent.

Lake + Skye


Based in New York, Lake and Skye was founded by Courtney Somer, a Kundalini and pre-natal Yoga teacher, aromatherapist, and holistic nutritionist. With scents of wild florals and dry grass, Wildflower is inspired by fields surrounding her home in Upstate, NY.


Australian Made

Lumira fragrances and candles are created in Sydney by founder Almira Armstrong. The brand has collaborated with everyone from model Nicole Trunfio to The NGV and Emirate One and Only Wolgan Valley.

MCMC Fragrances

Garden Fresh

MCMC’s Garden fragrance is inspired by the Ananda Harvest, a group of urban farmers who come together each weekend in upstate New York to learn horticulture and give back to the community. This fresh lemon and bitter orange scent with red thyme, myrtle and lavender smells like it’s straight from the garden.

These long-lasting scents mean business