Elevate her voice. Inform her opinion.

HerVote is a campaign created to elevate women’s voices and inform women’s opinions ahead of the 2019 federal election.

Our Mission

The time for women is now. All over the world we’re seeing movements assemble and momentum grow. More and more women are taking their rightful place as key decision makers and agitating for progress that benefits everybody, not only themselves.

We’re hungry for change. Not only is a renewed women’s movement demanding equal representation in parliaments and governments, but women voters are mobilising to build a fairer, kinder and more inclusive world.

Here in Australia, however, we’re not making those same gains.

Over the past decade, our country has fallen from 15th to 51st in the world on gender representation in national parliament. It’s not that we’re necessarily going backwards but the rest of the world is moving forwards. Without us.

The 2019 Australian election is our chance to make change.

Future Women asks you to join our movement; calling for better women’s representation in parliament and more care for our interests in decision-making. Collectively, we hold up half the sky. We also control half the vote. It’s time to use that to demand real change. We’re making it our mission to ensure you’re informed about issues that matter most to you. We’ll help you decode the spin, revealing the true substance of what politicians promise and what it means for women.

We want you to be educated about the candidates who are vying for your votes – and hell yes, we want more of them to be women. We’ll also give you the opportunity to meet, speak and engage with political leaders and newcomers alike, so you can make the best possible decision.

In 2019, we’ll help you make your vote work for you – regardless of your politics.

Because when women work together? Everybody wins.

Elevating Her Voice

Join Future Women in Melbourne,  for a special town hall style event on May 10 where you’ll hear from today’s leading female politicians and emerging candidates on their policies ahead of the federal election.


Informing Her Opinion

Read up on the election intel you actually need to know. From major party policy comparisons to voting and preferencing guides, our articles are the time-poor woman’s guide to the 2019 election. Be informed, and make your vote count.