We’re for more diverse and inclusive work cultures

Future Women Academy

FW Academy is the premier diversity consulting platform in Australia, offering a unique combination of expertise and firepower through the partnership between Nine’s Future Women and leading consulting firm, Diversity Partners.



FW Academy is for business leaders, HR professionals, diversity and inclusion managers, and anyone who wants smart advice and resources to make our workplaces more inclusive, flexible and equitable.

FW Academy members have expert resources at their fingertips, including in-depth articles, curated insights, tool kits, tip sheets, insight papers, podcasts, workshops, eLearning and other bespoke consulting solutions.


Relevant and credible resources to support your HR team and business leaders. Speak to Australia’s leading diversity and inclusion professionals for immediate answers. Access multiple content types to suit all learning styles.

Access discounted rates for bespoke consulting solutions and training. Supplement your HR function with access to the premier diversity consulting platform in Australia. Grow your in-house subject matter expertise.

Signal to your organisation and industry that you’re serious about gender diversity and inclusion. Be featured in FW Academy articles, podcasts and more. Demonstrate to your customers and shareholders that you’re committed to cultural change.

Maximise your productivity

Diverse teams consistently outperform homogenous teams. Join FW Academy to accelerate your progress and leverage diversity and inclusion in your business.


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