Studio Session: Maxing Your Maternity Leave

By Future Women


By Future Women

Nothing about having a baby is expected, including the monumental impact that starting a family has on your career. In this session we’ll cover off on all the important stuff like how to fund your maternity leave, your rights at work and the difficulties of returning to the office. Our panel of inspiring and honest working mums will also give insights into how they juggle their busy competing interests (and also what happens when those balls come crashing down in a heap on the floor). Mamas and working mamas-to-be? We’re all in this together.

This event will be hosted by FW editor-at-large Jamila Rizvi.


Prue Gilbert, Grace Papers

Founder of The Grace Papers, Prue Gilbert’s mission is to help parents navigate the ins and outs of parental leave, challenge gendered expectations and advance their careers.

Alys Gagnon, The Parenthood

The Parenthood is a not for profit movement of Australian parents and carers working to gain positive policy changes through lobbying government and business. We represent thousands of mums, dads, grandparents and primary carers who want a voice in the issues that matter most to parents particularly relating to education, health and the support of good parenting.

 Jessica Smith, former Paralympian and motivational speaker

Former Paralympian Jessica Smith represented Australia for seven years in the sport of swimming. After retiring from international competition, she focus her attentions on creating a career where she could work from home while raising kids. Jessica now works as a leading speaker on health, adversity and positive body image. She has also authored a book series that celebrates children’s differences, and encourages self confidence, no matter their physical appearance.

Inset image credit: Lumino / Stocksy United