Leadership: Values, Voice and Influence


Take your leadership skills to the next level with our Future Women Masterclass.


Take your leadership skills to the next level with a career course created just for you.

This Future Women Masterclass – Leadership: Values, Voice and Influence – has been created just for Platinum+ cohort based on member and survey feedback. 

This live, virtual session, run over two days, will provide you with insight and tangible skills on how to ask for what you want, develop your leadership voice, build your leadership toolkit, discover your sphere of influence and uncover your unique value proposition.

Consider this Masterclass a downpayment on your next promotion.

In this two-part session, participants will gain:

  • Improved presentation skills
  • Increased confidence in making executive calls
  • Knowledge of strategic decision-making approaches
  • An awareness of how best to utilise professional networks

The Future Women Masterclass is a core component of the Platinum+ program, and Platinum+ members must add the events to their calendar.


“Inspire the leader inside you,
turn your potential into power and
unlock the essentials of leadership.”


Developing your leadership voice

MONDAY 1 AUGUST AT 11.00AM - 12.30PM AEST: Your voice is your most important communication tool, but have you ever wondered if you’re doing it right? In this workshop, ABC broadcaster and voice trainer Tamara Oudyn delivers a masterclass on how to speak up and be heard. This practical, hands-on session teaches participants how to get the most out of their voice, and how to bring their best sound to presentations big and small.

Tamara Oudyn

The power of asking for what you want

1 AUGUST 1:00PM - 2:30PM AEST: In this empowering and actionable workshop session, Kemi Nekvapil will break down the cultural and gendered myths about asking for what you want at work, whether that’s resourcing, flexibility, opportunities, or remuneration. Kemi will walk you through how asking is a practice that elevates self-worth, power and creates opportunities for professional women. You will leave this session with a clear pathway and actionable steps for your next ask.

Kemi Nekvapil

Your unique value proposition

MONDAY 1 AUGUST: 3.30PM-4.30PM AEST: In this principal session, Alice Monfries explains how to put language around your strengths and deliver that information with confidence. Alice draws on evidence about the gender drivers of self-esteem before challenging participants to prepare and deliver a short, persuasive pitch to someone in their workplace orbit. This session is broken into two parts, so participants have time to record their pitch, receive feedback, revise, deliver to a small group of peers and debrief in a supportive environment.

Alice Monfries

Building your leadership toolkit

MONDAY 8 AUGUST, 11.30AM-1.00PM AEST: As a psychologist and leadership coach, Rearn Norman provides evidence-based strategies for leadership that are grounded in your personal leadership style. In this session, Rearn will share practical tips and frameworks to help you tackle some of the most common leadership challenges, including leading in uncertainty and influencing your stakeholders. Combined with the opportunity to share and learn with others, this session will provide essential insights and skills to build your leadership toolkit.

Discovering your sphere of influence

MONDAY 8 AUGUST, 1.30PM-3.00PM AEST: In this galvanising session Your sphere of influence, Antoinette Lattouf shares her personal story of authentic leadership and storytelling. Antoinette explains the sphere of influence - the people in your network with whom your opinion carries weight – and how they can shape the course of your career. This session will explore how to strengthen relationships, and how to determine which ones aren't worth having. It will also deliver practical tips and tricks, alongside in-session exercises, that you can put into practice when working to shift mindsets, while networking, speaking persuasively to stakeholders, and negotiating in all contexts.

How to register

The Future Women Masterclass is a core component of the Platinum+ program, and Platinum+ members must add the events to their calendar.


“FW Platinum + provided me the opportunity to meet successful leaders and learn from their experiences - many challenges they have faced.”