Members On Their Way

Members On Their Way: Michelle Bowditch

Meet the single mum-of-three who is utilising the latest tech to help women focus on the bigger picture.

By Natalie Cornish

Members On Their Way

Meet the single mum-of-three who is utilising the latest tech to help women focus on the bigger picture.

By Natalie Cornish

Michelle Bowditch has never been afraid of a challenge. Growing up as part of a professional golfing family in NSW, she started out in sports management, before moving into events for major players in the wine business, and then became an executive assistant to leaders in financial services and tech. A single mum to her three children, Michelle has combined her smarts and experience to launch Door20a – a consulting agency that utilises the latest apps and AI to take on the admin tasks female entrepreneurs and executive assistants often get bogged down in. Here, she shares her passion for podcasts, walking and food and says tech can only help, not hinder, our future job prospects.

I joined Future Women to engage in conversation, learn and share insights and experiences. Over the past 12 months I have met some beautiful women, and shared many glasses of wine with them while connecting.

I’m currently building the Door20a event platform, and finalising frameworks for executive assistants communities within large organisations for a 2020 roll-out.

My passions are working with executive assistants and women in leadership to show them how technology and apps can help them to focus on the big ticket items, instead of doing the boring administrative tasks.

I believe technology should make us smarter and quicker, rather than scared that it will replace our jobs someday.

I am a lover of food, Champagne, sport and my family. You will find me and my Palestinian partner frequenting different suburbs around Sydney (some that many won’t venture to), and finding the best in food cultures. I love cooking, and often have friends over for dinner parties. I am all about the paddock-to-plate approach.

I am not a reader but a podcaster. Yesterday, I enjoyed listening to episode 105 of the Monica Kade Podcast and Next Generation Innovators episode four with Alisa Camplin.

Michelle Obama is a driving force, what a woman. Her style is next to none and she has the wow factor.

I would love to learn how to communicate with my teenage boys and navigate them into manhood successfully.

My driving force is my three children. I also want to stay relevant with technology and the ever-changing world.

Outside of work I love to go for long walks with my walking group called Buns on The Run.

The future for women is to have their seat at the boardroom table with a clear and strong voice.

We can lift each other up when we work together and share insights.

I’m most fulfilled when I am able to sit at the dinner table with my children to share a meal that is technology-free.

Self-care means having a mental health day on Fridays.