Member Of The Month

Cathryn Carver: ‘Challenge Yourself And Take Risks’

The renowned banking expert shares her key leadership advice.

By Becky Hansen

Member Of The Month

The renowned banking expert shares her key leadership advice.

By Becky Hansen

Cathryn Carver is a business leader in the banking industry. In her role as the Executive General Manager, Client Coverage for NAB, she’s responsible for leading their 350+ relationship and servicing team, focused on institutional and corporate client relationships across key industry sectors.

Cathryn is also Deputy Chair of The Australia-Sino One Hundred Year Agricultural and Food Safety Partnership (ASA100) and a member of Chief Executive Women, an organisation representing over 300 of Australia’s most senior women leaders.

Cathryn joins us for a Q and A packed with finance and leadership tips.

What are you reading at the moment? StandOut 2.0 Marcus Buckingham.

What are some of your favourite Ted Talks? This talk by Mike Cannon-Brookes.

Who is the most remarkable woman you’ve ever met? Why did she leave such an impression? Hillary Clinton – down to earth!

What is a quote/motto you live by? To handle yourself use your head, to handle others, use your heart – Eleanor Roosevelt.

Why did you join Future Women? It was a recommendation by Mike Baird.

What do you believe are the biggest challenges for women working in banking? Juggling multiple things – business, personal/family.

How do you switch off at the end of the day and make sure you’re keeping your work at work? Or do you not believe in separating the two? Yes! Running/exercise.

If you had to give one financial tip, what would it be? Buy equities/property earlier in my adult life.

You’ve worked across the banking and finance sector. What skills and habits have been essential to your success as you move between roles and organisations? Challenge yourself and take risks.

You have one piece of advice to give for young, ambitious women. What is it? Start a board of key confidants early.

Think back to a stressful day in your career. What got you through it? My husband.

If you weren’t Executive General Manager at NAB, what would you be doing? CEO of a company making a difference.

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