A webinar series that educates, informs and upskills women who want to take the next step in their careers. Commencing October 23.

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Developed by the team at Future Women, in collaboration with leading economic, recruitment, confidence and training experts, Future Proof is a game changer.

Whether you’ve lost your job, are at risk of redundancy or simply concerned your career might stagnate in an increasingly flat economy, Future Proof is the 2020 road map you need.

Future Proof is a nine-part webinar series that educates, informs and upskills women who want to take the next step in their careers but aren’t quite sure how to where to begin.

Combining inspirational speeches, step-by- step guides, engaging conversations and practical workshops, Future Proof meets women where they’re at now.

Future Proof provides tangible skills and knowledge for women who are determined to make their careers fulfilling, successful and recession-proof. Please note that these sessions will not be recorded to watch back later. You must be in attendance.


RECESSION: What the evolving economic climate means for women. 

23 OCTOBER AT 12:00PM: Angela Jackson is a leading public sector and health economist, who has advised governments at the highest levels and negotiated with toddlers while crouched very low to the ground. She’ll step you through the evolving economic climate, and what a recession really means for working women and gender equality.

Identifying financial opportunities to survive and thrive.

28 OCTOBER AT 12:00PM: Lacey Filipich is the founder of Money School where she helps people become financially independent and reclaim their lives. Lacey will help you identify opportunities in a tight job market, while also providing practical advice on managing a tighter-than-usual household budget and planning for unexpected financial hurdles.

Knowing your strengths. Finding your influence.

4 NOVEMBER AT 12:00PM: Mim Bartlett is an executive coach and facilitator who specialises in career development and wellbeing. Mim teaches you how to integrate the different parts of your life while embracing the unavoidable personal and professional discomfort. She’ll teach you how to identify your own strengths, and to find - and grow - your personal tribe of supporters.

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"I want to help shape a new paradigm for women to step into."



Joining the dots: From what you’ve done to where you want to go.

11 NOVEMBER AT 12:00PM: Penny Wilson is a senior leader in executive recruitment and career transition. She knows what employers are looking for and how to best articulate your skills in their language. Penny will help you navigate practical employment changes – whether by choice or otherwise – and help join the dots from what you’ve done to where you want to go.

Writing that gets noticed: Resumes. Cover letters. Selection criteria.

18 NOVEMBER AT 12:00PM: Emma Hall is a communications consultant and writer who specialises in career advice and job searching. In a content-packed session she will teach you how to write a job-landing resume, a tailored cover letter that captures attention and how to draw on – and demonstrate - your experience when addressing selection criteria.

Reading the room. Speaking with impact. Staying on message.

27 NOVEMBER AT 12:00PM: Tasneem Chopra is a speaker and consultant who appears regularly on television and radio. Tasneem will help you learn to read the room and communicate with impact – whether it’s during a presentation, a zoom meeting or a job interview. She will coach you in intonation, pitch and breath work as well as how to stay on message and keep the audience engaged.

"Too many Australian women are suffering from a crisis of confidence about work, captives to a voice inside their heads that says they’re not good enough. It's time to change that."




The confidence deficit: Why you’re not just lucky.

2 DECEMBER AT 12:00PM: Jamila Rizvi is a bestselling author, presenter and gender expert who will help you understand the gendered drivers of confidence and leadership. She will teach you how inequality undermines women’s workplace success, how to take control of your own narrative, and remind you that you’re not just lucky.

Knowing your worth and asking for what you want.

9 DECEMBER AT 12:00PM: Kemi Nekvapil is an executive coach, speaker and author who supports women to know and understand themselves in relation to their work, whether that be at work or at home. She will speak about owning your own value, and how to ask for what you want whether that’s a job, a pay rise or a fairer deal at home.

Self-care: Staying well amongst the uncertainty.

11 DECEMBER AT 12:00PM: Maria Katsonis was a Harvard educated, senior executive in the public service when she experienced a severe episode of depression that left her hospitalised for a month. Now a teacher and Beyond Blue Ambassador, she’ll speak about the natural feelings of anxiety, worry and sadness that many of us are feeling. Maria will speak about what it means to stay well and practical strategies that helped get her through.

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