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Thank you for joining us for the second quarter of the yearlong Future Proof webinar series – Working Smarter: Finding Balance in a Busy World.

Below you can find recordings and extra resources for each of the sessions delivered by our expert facilitators Alice Monfries & Madson Howarth, Dr Yumiko Kadota, and Jessica Bilston-Gourley.

All recordings on this page will be available until Wednesday 1 June.

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Finding your confidence

WEDNESDAY 10 AUGUST AT 12:00PM - 1:00PM: Jamila Rizvi is a bestselling author, presenter and gender expert who will help you understand the gendered drivers of confidence and leadership. She will teach you how inequality undermines women’s workplace success, how to take control of your own narrative, and remind you that you’re not just lucky.

Identifying your strengths

WEDNESDAY 7 SEPTEMBER AT 12.00PM - 1:00PM: Mim Bartlett is a lawyer, a qualified psychotherapist, a sought-after facilitator and coach, human rights champion and gender equality advocate. Mim teaches you how to integrate the different parts of your life while embracing the unavoidable personal and professional discomfort. She’ll teach you how to identify your own strengths, and to find - and grow - your personal tribe of supporters.

Re-wiring networks

WEDNESDAY 12 OCTOBER AT 12:00PM - 1:00PM: Feyi Akindoyeni has over 20 years experience in strategic communications, working on some of the most challenging issues in Australia. Feyi is one of the most sought after communications consultants in the country. Participants in this session will learn how to open up the secret world of networks and receive strategies for navigating and expanding their own personal networks.

Your value proposition

WEDNESDAY 19 OCTOBER AT 12:00PM - 1:00PM: Alice Cheng is passionate about helping others grow and thrive in their careers. Her 20+ years experience in corporate finance has instilled in her a passion to help others build confidence, understand themselves, clarify their career goals and communicate their value. This session will enlighten participants with what employers are looking for. Alice will share the most in demand skills to prepare you for your next role -- especially in a hybrid work environment. She will also provide practical advice on how to articulate what you bring to an organisation and how to best articulate your value proposition.

The art of influence

WEDNESDAY 26 OCTOBER 12:00PM - 1:00PM: Sally Rugg is an activist, author, public speaker, and one of Australia's most influential campaigners for social change. Her book How Powerful We Are is her manifesto for influencing change. Sally will teach you the powerful skill of how to influence colleagues, people in your lives more generally and those across the spectrum of willingness to change. Being skilled in the art of influence can be vital for creating change at all levels.


I always feel like I don’t understand what employers are actually looking for. Finally, someone who can explain all those non-responses. I am excited about changing the way I approach the job market.