Editorial Complaint Handling Process & Code of Ethics

Future Women Complaint Handling Process

Future Women is a joint venture between Nine and HLM Enterprises. Future Women’s complaints handling policies are in line with Nine publishing & digital which is a member of The Australian Press Council.

In the first instance, complaints can be addressed to Managing Director Helen McCabe (hello@futurewomen.com). Subject to legal advice, a correction or other adequate remedial action will be promptly provided if published material is inaccurate.

Future Women supports self-regulation of the publishing industry. If the complainant is unsatisfied the matter can be addressed to the Australian Press Council here: https://www.presscouncil.org.au/making-a-complaint/ or by calling 02 9261 1930 or 1800 025 712. Future Women will publish Council adjudications on complaints in accordance with the publishers-Council agreement. For further information, see www.presscouncil.org.au.

Future Women’s Code of Ethics

Future Women abides at all time by the MEAA’s Journalist Code of Ethics: https://www.meaa.org/meaa-media/code-of-ethics/